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Single Mingle sw is a company which organises quality singles events in the South West for singletons of all ages.

Single Mingle sw is able to offer a personal local service at all of our events, where each client is given a warm welcome by our hosts Jacqui and Julie. Our concept is to make clients feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible, by introducing them to other single people at every event.

There are more singles than ever before in the UK, recent studies show that one in three households now just have one person living in them, as opposed to one in five in the early 1970’s. Which if you look at it positively means that there are plenty of singletons out there! We hope by forming this company that we can turn some of these singletons into couples.

We formed this company due to the changing social scene, people have stopped going out and tend to spend much more time on their laptops and smart phones. Communication of this type has it down sides; tone of voice, humour, sarcasm, eye contact and body language can’t be communicated through a computer or phone text! A vast majority of our communication is by text or email, cutting down the need for social interactions and connections. Have you ever noticed how people are immersed in their phones even when in company, you might think this as rude, but it is just the way the modern world has changed.

Single Mingle sw would be interested in any feedback or ideas that you may have about current or future events. Feel free to contact us either by email or telephone.

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